About Us

  • Because we bake the finest Bagels, and prepare them by hand for you, without flavour enhancers, preservatives, and artificial colours.
  • Because we use the best ingredients to make Bagels, taking care to leave the smallest possible Ecological footprint in our environment
  • Because we are located in the most beautiful part of Budapest, offering a direct panorama from our terrace to St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Because in addition to Bagels, we are also offering you the most delicious coffee, refreshments, and handmade sweet pastries
We always freshly bake the best bagels of Budapest for you, in the heart of the city, next to the Basilica, on Zrínyi Street. We use simple, natural ingredients and by no means add anything we can’t pronounce, so our bagels do not contain preservatives, colorants, or flavour enhancers. It is important to mention that all of our handcrafted bagels are vegan, so we do not use any animal-derived ingredients during cooking and baking.

In addition to our classic bagels, we are also offering you our own signature bagels and seasonal table offers. Among our sandwiches you will also find many dairy-free and vegan options, and vegan cheese cream variations. We try to work with the best quality, preferably domestic ingredients, thus supporting domestic producers.

The best bagel in Budapest at Best Bagel Basilica, would not be complete without a freshly brewed coffee. Our coffee bean mixture comes from South America and is roasted in the heart of Budapest.
The blend of tropical arabica and soft robusta coffee enchants our dear guests with an unmistakable taste, in well-composed harmony.

Anyone looking for refreshments other than coffee can choose from our homemade lemonades or super healthy cold pressed juices.

And if you crave a little sweetness in addition to bagels, coffee, and refreshments, we also offer some local Budapest delicacies. You can choose from the best pastries.

If you are visiting Budapest or living here, be sure to taste one of the favourite dishes of the people of New York, at Best Bagel Basilica.

An unparalleled panorama of Budapest, in the neighborhood of St. Stephen’s Basilica with the best bagels, coffee and refreshments is the best.

The Best Bagel Team is waiting for you with a lot of love, at 16 Zrínyi Street!